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If your organisation is not obviously vegan, please send us a quick email after you have submitted your listing, to confirm that you are a vegan organisation, otherwise your listing may be rejected. We get a lot of non-vegan organisations submitting because this site passes on “Google Juice” and so is useful for raising your search engine ranking. It can take a lot of time to sort out which submissions are and are not vegan, especially for non-food related products/services.

If you do not know what veganism is then listing is probably not for you.

We are also UK based. We will list organisations outside UK if they cover the UK or have significant standing in the vegan community.

This site is maintained in my spare time! Sometimes I cannot approve listings or reply to messages for a few days.

Sometimes you might see an error about “sql” or “headers” when submitting a listing. We are working on this, but usually your listing will have been submitted OK even if you see this error.

If you are unsure of which categories to select, don’t worry this will be checked and your listing added to the most appropriate – note that multiple categories are allowed, and helps people find you.

If you think you need a new category just make a note on your listing or drop us a message.

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