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Adam Wilson (Wilson Training) Vegan Trainer (Online and 1-2-1 Training)

Vegan Personal Trainer

- Online / 1-2-1 Personal Training
- Tailored Vegan Diets Plans
- Holistic Life Coaching

Contact Adam:

Tel 07966 028 380

‘Adam is a Specialist Personal Trainer that uses current training principles to inspire a long Term Body Transformation’

Over the past 9 years Adam has developed an advanced knowledge of the best training exercises and principles needed to get his clients outstanding results. With a portfolio of over 100 successful clients Adam’s expertise and testimonials show the high level of dedication and commitment consistently achieved time after time with each person he works with.

Each and every session you spend with Adam will be different, challenging and most importantly fun! These are the principles that have kept his clients coming back and enjoying fitness for a number of years.

If you are a like-minded, ambitious person who is looking to achieve outstanding body transformation results then Adam is the ideal trainer to guarantee you success.

Adam specialises in the following area's:


- Vegan Diet Plans


- Vegan Holistic Lifestyle coaching


- Advanced Weight Loss Training
- Postural Analysis / Muscle imbalance
- Post Injury Rehab
- 1-2-1 and Small Group Training
- Online Training
- Life Coaching


Most Recently Adam has more recently released his unique online training and life coaching programs which focus on a more holistic approach to achieving a more productive lifestyle. These programs have a great emphasis on the psychology and theory behind achieving a more consistent lifestyle change.

His Qualifications include:

- BSC Hons Degree Sport and Exercise Science From Loughborough University
- Diploma in Personal Training
- Level 3 Advanced Training
- NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
- Advanced Weight Loss Training
- Biosignature Modulation (weight loss through hormone regulation)
- Structural Balancing and Posture analysis
- Injury / Muscle Rehab
- Psychology
- Sports Nutrition



Telephone: 07966028380
Preston, United Kingdom, UK Pr19JB
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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina is an amazing style of massage that can be adapted to clients' needs. From soft to deep, from relaxing to remedial. Sessions offered in and around London (home treatments at the moment, although treatment rooms can also be arranged), and also in Leeds. Read more about the method, including a video and testimonials on our website.

Telephone: 07403262496
London, United Kingdom, UK
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Debbie Joy – massage therapist in Islington

Debbie Joy offers the energising, relaxing and deep healing benefits of Thai Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Islington, London.
Full details are on her website:

Debbie is an experienced massage therapist and yoga teacher. She trained in Thai Yoga Massage in London and Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has also studied yoga and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in India. She believes that these traditional Eastern modalities are so powerfully beneficial because they have been tried and tested over centuries, and because of their deep integration of body, mind and spirit.

Debbie was one of the founders of the vegan cooperative venture called Pogo Cafe which later transitioned into Black Cat Cafe Hackney.  She sees her vegan lifestyle as an essential part of creating a pure and positive energy state from which to offer nurture and healing to her massage and yoga clients. She works with a wide variety of people with a wide range of needs and has the experience and breadth of knowledge to fit the treatment well to the individual.

Telephone: 07792579595
Islington, London, UK
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Debbie Joy – Private Yoga Classes in Your Home

One-to-one Hatha Yoga sessions are offered in the North and Central London area. Debbie will travel to your home bringing mats with her. All you need is enough floor space to fit two mats and some undisturbed time. Please call Debbie on 07792579595 to arrange a time for a session, or to discuss any questions you have.

Who can practice yoga?
Yoga is for everyone - not just for the super bendy! In fact feeling stiff, achy and inflexible is a good reason to start practicing yoga! If you are thinking of returning to exercise, a gentle yoga practice can help you to get moving again and can be gradually increased in intensity as your fitness and flexibility improves. If you are reasonably fit, you will enjoy pushing your body with a new holistic approach to exercise, and if you are training in other sports, yoga can relieve stiffness, build strength and enhance your performance.

Yoga is suitable for a wide range of ages, from children to the over 60s. If you have a particular physical condition, such as back pain, high blood pressure, or stress and anxiety, and wish to explore the benefits of yoga, Debbie can develop a personal sequence that is relevant to you.

Telephone: 07792579595
London Borough of Islington, London, UK
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Louise Futcher – counselling and psychotherapy

I am a fully vegan therapist practising in Dalston, East London, doing long- and short-term therapy. For further information please visit my website, and to contact me use the contact form on my website. I'm happy to answer enquiries if you're nervous or curious, so get in touch.

450 Kingsland Road, London, UK E8 4AE
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Maria Franzen – The Vegan Personal Trainer

Personal Training

I'm Maria, a dedicated vegan personal trainer in west London that's passionate about health and fitness. Both vegans and non vegans are welcome to train with me.

I will train you in your home and/or local park ( no gym membership) using a tailor made programme that fits around you, saving you time as I do all the traveling.

I promise to support, motivate and do all I can to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

I specialize in body sculpting, so if you want to improve your shape which could mean losing weight, gaining muscle, firming  and toning up, I can help. Having transformed myself from a very plump size 18 pear shape to a slim size 8  athletic shape I know what works.

When you decide to train with me I will help you to make improvements to your diet to maximise your training results.


I'm also a level3 VTCT qualified Reflexology therapist based in west London. I offer a mobile Reflexology service visiting you in your home or any other location that is suitable for you.
Reflexology is a complementary and holistic therapy thought to date back to ancient Egypt. It aims to encourage a sense of well-being and relaxation by using a technique of applying pressure to different parts of the feet to have a corresponding effect on other areas of the body.

A series of treatments may help to:
Improve mood
Aid sleep
Relieve tension
Improve blood circulation
Improve relaxation
Improve sense of well-being

75 per cent of all illness are thought to be related to stress. Stress can make us more susceptible to illness by compromising our immune systems. The relaxing effect of stimulating more than 7,000 nerves in the feet during a Reflexology treatment may help to reduce stress and tension and create a sense of wellbeing.

A treatment lasts for approx 45min and include relaxing footmassage.


For more information or to book, please contact Maria on 07887567721

Telephone: 07887567721
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Sarah Jackson Arbonne

Incredible pure, safe and beneficial product. 100% plant based, vegan certified, gluten free, pareban free and cruelty free:
Skincare - Women, Men and Baby
Bath and Body Care
Health nutrition
Sports Nutrition

Fantastic discounts available!

There is also an incredible Business opportunity :
Work part time from home
Incredible commision for just recommending products
Cash Bonuses
Mercedes Benz Programme

Facebook - SJAArbonne

Message me for details :)

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Vegan Therapist offers a wide range of treatments including Sports therapy, Emmett Technique, Spinal Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The therapist is based in London and is available for consultation six days a week.

Telephone: 02072264502
112 Marylebone High Street, London, United Kingdom, UK W1U 4SA
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Vegan Lass

Vegan Lass is a blogger, recipe developer, educator and activist.

I'm always looking to take on freelance projects in the following areas:

- Recipe development

- Writing

- Cooking classes and lifestyle coaching

If you’d like to collaborate or have me involved in something else, please email me at emily [at] veganlass [dot] com.

Overall, my goal is to promote veganism by the following means:

i./ Education

I provide information and answers on all things vegan.

I aim to be a clear, thoughtful, and unequivocally vegan voice;

to bring clarity to the often confused and confusing topic of veganism;

to encourage both vegans and non-vegans to fully understand the importance and implications of the ethical stance that is veganism.

ii./ Demonstration

With recipes, product reviews, lifestyle tips, and more, I show that living vegan is easy, sustainable, rewarding, and accessible.

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