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Strange Little Girls

Strange Little Girls was launched in 2011, with a range of cute and creepy, Gothic style, cloth dolls with buttons for eyes. My ideology was simple then, as it is now. I just wanted to make art for people like myself, for the Strange Little Girls, the Goth girls, the hippies, the dreamers, the one of a kind originals, who never quite figured out how to fit in. Most of all, as a vegan I wanted my art to be ethical, kind to the environment and cruelty free. My work now includes art dolls made from a variety of textiles and clays, with hand painted features. Some of my dolls are dark and Gothic, some are bright and bohemian, some are sprinkled with a little fairy dust, but all are 100% cruelty free. Every art doll I make is one of a kind. All are hand made from my own original patterns, using a mix of new, and good quality recycled materials. A certificate of authenticity is provided with every doll.

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