A Curated Niche Vegan Directory

The Vegan Directory UK is a web project designed to help vegans find and support vegan owned and run companies and organisations, and to help those organisations find customers.

Vegan Directory UK is a specialised directory, only listing 100% vegan businesses, charities, organisations covering the UK – England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland + Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey (i.e. the British Isles).

Why List with us?

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Event Listings

The vegan events listed on this site are imported from Facebook events, EventBrite and MeetUp – events can also be added manually – get in touch to add your event. Vegan Facebook events are also shared to our page: VeganDirectoryUK.

Why Support Vegan Owned Organisations?

Being vegan in a non-vegan world, it often seems that the everything is set-up to exploit, abuse and profit from the lives of animals. While many of us take part in activism to help spread the vegan message and try to bring about change, in our capital-led culture spending money is a bit like voting. If you spend money on a vegan product from a non-vegan company, a proportion of your money will go back into funding more exploitation. While it is good to see vegan products offered by non-vegan companies that might be chosen by non-vegans, for most companies, a vegan product is either just incidental or a way to capture more market share, to increase profits. Whereas vegan companies, owned and run by vegans, are breaking the cycle of exploitation, proving the increasing popularity of a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle and allow their owners to make a living without sacrificing their ethics. We urge you to support your vegan community and where possible choose a vegan businesses first to ensure their success. Supporting vegan businesses is a form of economic activism!