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Vegan Perfume Brands

These perfume brands are owned by vegans #veganowned.

Vegan perfumes do not contain any animal products, such as: ambergris (from whales), castoreum (from beavers), civet (from a cat-like animal), honey, hyraeceum (from badger urine), milk, musk (from various animals’ glands).

Vegan perfumes are also not tested on animals.

In addition the brand should have a fixed cut-off date for ingredients, which  discourages unnecessary innovation in the sector that may be tested outside the EU.

A complication to this is the EU REACH legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), which requires  chemicals used in Europe to pass a series of safety tests, often using animals. Ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics are exempt from REACH because of the EU-wide ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients, but if they are also used in other non-cosmetic products there is no guarantee that a product, even with a fixed cut-off date, does not contain ingredients tested on animals.

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