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Vegan Perfume brands that do not use animal ingredients or test on animals.

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Dolma Vegan Perfumes


Dolma was established in 1982 by Jim Payne, a practising vegan and qualified chemist, to provide perfumes which could be used with confidence by Vegetarians and Vegans.

While expensive brands manufacture perfumes using traces of animal substances, Dolma fragrance is the natural result of cultivating essential oils with ethyl alcohol and a unique blend of perfume compounds.

We bring you floral, citrus, woody and oriental essences: in perfume or Eau de Parfum. And if you feel spoilt for choice, order all 12 cruelty-free fragrances as a lovely boxed set.

As our company grows, we are able to remain dedicated to creating personal and home fragrances without using animal derived substances or taking part in animal testing.

43 High Street, Uppermill, Lancashire OL3 6HS, UK
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EDEN Perfumes


We're a vegan family that live in the South coast of the UK in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Brighton. We are so passionate about our job and love to create perfume.

We love animals too much to experiment on them.

We love nature too much, we encourage recycling.

We love humans too much, we want you to use our botanical perfumes.

We love our customers, we make our perfumes affordable.

Our Fragrances can smell very similar to your favourite desired ones. However they are never Identical, as the ingredients used in making our perfumes are totally Vegan. So perfumes that contain animal notes such as Civet, Ambergris, Musk, Honey, Milk and Castoreum will never smell identical but somehow very similar as we recreate these notes using vegetable derived elements.

Shop online or instore at our Brighton shop.

26 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UP, United Kingdom, UK
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Flaya Organic Vegan Perfume


Here at Flaya we are passionate about vegan, natural and organic perfumes.

We aim to create beautiful fine fragrances without compromising on our commitment to the natural world.

Through careful blending and selection of organic and vegan ingredients we have produced a range of exquisite eau de parfum, our “Seven Scents.”

Sold at a number of stores across the UK, see stockists, or order online.

Wharton Cottage, North Yorkshire, Saltburn Lane, Skelton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea TS12 2JY, United Kingdom, UK
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Phone: 07544363345