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As veganism is rising in popularity more and more people are looking beyond the vegan diet at other aspects of their life. One of these areas is the home, which means choosing animal-free items, such as rugs and furniture, as well as cleaning products that are not tested on animals nor contain animal derived ingredients.

Vegan Furniture

There is a growing interest in animal-free furniture, which obviously means no leather, wool, silk, fur or feathers, but also not using beeswax polishes or animal derived glue.

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WEARTH London – vegan online department store


Wearth London is an eco-friendly and ethical online department store. From natural beauty products to handmade organic cushions, Wearth is one of the first stores of its kind which is completely vegan-friendly. Wearth has partnered with some amazing independent UK brands which make high quality products that are also environmentally-friendly and cruelty free.

- UK Online Only, United Kingdom