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Therapy in Sheffield


I'm Jen Ayling, a therapist based in Sheffield. I offer Gestalt psychotherapy and counselling to adults on a short or long term basis.

I am a Gestalt Therapist in Advanced Clinical Training with the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, working towards accreditation with UKCP.

I have expertise in working with trauma and a socially-engaged, holistic approach. I also facilitate workshops on mental health, creativity and emotional well-being.

At the heart of Gestalt Therapy is the idea that we are fundamentally inseparable from our environment, an idea which is central to my own worldview. As a therapist, I have a growing passion for ecopsychology – and am influenced by environmental activism and vegan ethics in my personal life.

In addition to seeing private clients, I am based at Saffron Sheffield as a volunteer therapist, supporting women who have experienced trauma and abuse. I previously completed a clinical placement at the Lincoln Trauma Centre. As such, I have expertise in supporting people who live with the lasting effects of traumatic events, including PTSD and vicarious trauma – as well as working with a wide range of other issues.

Wostenholm Road, Sheffield S7 1LE, UK, England, United Kingdom
Phone: 07754 782479