HELD – Holistic End of Life Doula

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I am here to empower, guide and support you in having a loving, peaceful and dignified death – to honour, to the best of my ability, your wishes for end of life care. And, in the weeks following your death, you can be assured of support for your family as they adjust to a life without your physical presence.
I am a non-medical practitioner who is here to support you and your loved ones from the time of diagnosis right through to the weeks following death. A calm and trusted companion, I also support you in talking about dying and death and documenting your wishes when you are well.
I am here to support you in harmony with and complement the care provided by palliative and/or hospice teams whether at home, in hospice, hospital or a residential care home. I act as a companion and advocate. I aim to serve not fix or rescue – to be a compassionate, quiet and grounded presence.
“You matter because you are and you matter to the end of your life.” Dame Cicely Saunders

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Phone: 07858 344463