La Vimea Vegan Hotel South Tyrol, Italy

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Right in the heart of beautiful South Tyrol, surrounded by the the sun kissed mountains of the Val Venosta valley and nestled in the quiet town of Naturno, lies LA VIMEA Biotique Hotel. It’s the first of its kind and we pride ourselves being surrounded by fresh, organic and local ingredients to create your 100% vegan experience. On this island of peace and solace, everything is based on the principles of sustainability and equality, while supporting the local community and organic farming.

Find a natural pond in the middle of the park as source for inspiration, a wooden deck for daily yoga sessions, or enjoy the simple jump right in the pristine water to clear your mind. Vegan Hotel LA VIMEA in Naturno is a retreat for adults and children over 12 years old for those seeking peace, tranquility and wellness. With lots of sun, Italian sense of style and South Tyrolean sincerity and hospitality.

Contact Information
Via August Kleeberg, 7, 39025 Naturns, South Tyrol, Italy, Italy