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Lotus Animal Sanctuary intends to exist to give and promote love, care, kindness, respect, justice and compassion to all beings! Remaining forever mindful of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings of Plum Village – we will raise awareness of the suffering caused by the destruction of life and help others to learn about the ways they can protect lives of people, animals and our planet.

The Sanctuary is looking to target 4 key areas;

1. To provide love, care & shelter to animals who have escaped slaughter, who have been made homeless, who have been injured, or who have been abused and/or abandoned.
2. To find permanent homes for homeless, abandoned, abused and mistreated animals and to always promote adoption through education and example.
3. To promote compassion, love, respect and understanding for all animals through interaction and education. This will be accomplished through physically visiting the animals at the sanctuary, or virtually via the internet
4. To offer a therapy facility to humans offering therapies, stress management, counselling, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and yoga.

Contact Information
Scotland, United Kingdom