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Marta Guesthouse awaits guests, who appreciate authentic, cosy atmosphere while staying in the capital of Estonia, close to Old Town.

We can proudly say, that we are the first "Vegan Guesthouse" in Estonia, Tallinn! It means, our cafe, which opens soon for summer season, will serve fresh plant-based food, prepared from organic ingredients. Healthy and tasty vegan food is suitable for all guests: our speciality is to offer organic vegan food, whole-grain bread and pastries, most also gluten-free.

Traditional wooden house is situated in a quiet residential area and provides accommodation with intimacy and personality.

Our goal is to preserve this little house with character, to share the unique feeling the house has to offer with our beloved guests!

1901 built family run guesthouse is renovated with ecological, natural materials: reed, clay, traditional colors. Our aim is to preserve the nature and the health of guests - every material used is tested to be safe and of natural origin.

Our goal is to preserve an old traditional Estonian wooden building. You can never compare us with other typical accommodations: here you experience the "stepping back from everyday hustle, step back to simplicity", as if travelling back in time..

Your stay in Marta Guesthouse contributes to restoration of the house!

We often have artists, musicians, writers, actors, who visit us - people, who love our concept and understand the philosophy the house silently whispers. Warm welcome to tune in and listen!

Contact Information
Marta 8, 11312 Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
Phone: +372 502 4050

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