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Delicious, passionately prepared vegan meals - ready to eat in and around Colchester, Essex.

I have always had a real passion for food and enjoy preparing and cooking my own meals. Becoming a vegan, and following a plant-based diet, has had such a positive effect on my life that I wanted to share this aspect of my new lifestyle with others. The idea of spending my days in the kitchen doing what I love and being my own boss really appealed.

I produce tasty, homemade, vegan ready meals with what I believe to be the best foods available, without having to cause harm to animals or the planet. Using my delicious ready meals I am helping to promote the concept of veganism to members of the local community; be they vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or yet to discover the benefits, and many options, of a plant-based diet.

Contact Information
PO Box 12714, Colchester CO1 1XN, England, United Kingdom
Phone: 07512417097

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