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Are you struggling with living in a mostly non-vegan world? Do you feel anxious or depressed about the mistreatment of animals and the impact of intensive farming on the planet? Perhaps the people around you don't accept your choices and you are tired and worn down from justifying your decision to live a more compassionate life?

Being the only vegan in the room can be challenging and a lonely experience at times.

I am on a mission to connect vegan people like yourself and offer support through online vegan therapy groups and workshops, and one to one counselling. The online vegan therapy groups will help you to work through issues that you face, within a group of people who get it!

The workshops offer a model to understand parts of the evolving self, including our values, and difficult patterns that often occur in relationships with the self and others, specific to living a vegan lifestyle.

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- UK Online, United Kingdom
Phone: 07388074727