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Hi, I'm Kay. My passion is helping people go from feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, traumatised or anxious to feeling happier, coping better, becoming healthier and living the life they want.

What could this mean to you?

Less anxiety, stress or low moods, improved relationships with yourself and others, perhaps more self-esteem and confidence, better sleep and a healthier mindset or maybe it’s about putting the past behind you once and for all.

I help people work out the direction they want to go and then how to start heading there.

I truly believe your therapy should be tailored especially around you - no ticky boxes or one size fits all therapy here! I truly believe your mental health and wellbeing should be priority.

I am a Pluralistic Counsellor - this means I am able to cater for your very unique and individual needs.

I have trained in many different types of therapies, all of which can be adapted to suit you and what you need from therapy right now.

I work one-to-one with adults online and face-to-face from my therapy office.

I also run training workshops and 'art for anxiety and depression' groups.

Contact Information
Therapy With Kay, The Innovation Centre, Kirkleatham Business Park, Redcar, TS10 5SH, England, United Kingdom TS10 5SH
Phone: 07730355744

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