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Printing that doesn't cost the Earth - this is our key ethos that lead to Vegan Print, we have been offering design and print alongside our community magazine business for over 10 years. We wanted to offer a cost effective but also a vegan friendly printing options and where possible limit our environmental impact also, through the way we work, process and deliver your print.

With our vegan friends throughout the UK, we have built some great partnerships and continue to supply a variety of clients from all aspects. At Vegan Print you have a full print team behind you and rooting for your business to do well. We do more than just put ink on paper.

To reduce our use of fossil fuels, all our printing is by vegetable base inks only, with no colour derivatives from any animal base sources or even crushed beetles, rather than traditional oil or petroleum-based inks. No animal glue is used in the process and our laminated products are heat pressed using a degradable laminate. Also no of our papers contain chlorine.

Our current offices are based in our current business space, creating no additional footprint and powered by solar power.

We strive to conduct business in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible so as to minimise any adverse effects we may have on the environment.

Throughout the business, we continually assess the impact of our activities and this results in us adopting procedures, control measures and business practices to help protect the environment. We set standards across the business to ensure regulatory compliance, and these standards are monitored and audited on a regular basis.

We are working towards exclusive use of FSC® certified paper stocks. FSC® certified paper uses wood pulp which is sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner from a well-managed forest.

Contact Information
32 Rowntree Ave, Fleetwood FY7 7HE, UK, England, United Kingdom
Phone: 01253 778 292

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