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Hey this is a group designed for Vegans who are in or who are seeking recovery from Alcoholism and or Drug addiction.

Any kind of recovery is welcome.

The specific purpose of this group is not to offset any walks of recovery, it is intended as an extra layer of support as well as whatever path you are already on.

One of my barriers I've found day to day in working my 12 step program is that my Higher Power is linked directly in with Veganism and Animal Rights.

Therefore I find working with others can be isolating in and of itself when there is obviously a time and a place for Vegan activism, this barrier is a problem for me relating to others spiritually when they are taking part in cruelty everyday.

I hope to build a community of Supportive Vegans in Recovery, where there could be opportunities to Sponsor and hold online meetings etc.

Where we all would have more than 1 thing in common.

This is a new group and a new idea I look forward to see how it evolves.

Thanks and have another beautiful day in recovery

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