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Yogific aims to develop a community of Vegan Yogis who stand for true Ahimsa --peace, love, and compassion for all living beings. Yoga goes much beyond the physical postures – Yoga is a way of life – so is Veganism. Let’s celebrate the two lovely concepts that are changing the world for the better. We invite you to join our tribe! Come, attend our Vegan and Yoga festivals to learn about the fantastic vegan lifestyle.

Our vegan-themed Yoga festivals are a fun platform to bring veg-curious, existing vegans and yogis together. At Yogific’s Yoga and Vegan Festivals, you will see a wonderful vegan market with a range of stalls selling vegan products and vegan food besides all-day-long Yoga and meditation classes. Live music and dancing add extra color to our festivals. All of our events are child-friendly!

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