Vegan Etsy Shops

Vegan Etsy Shops

home » posts » guides Shop vegan at vegan Etsy Shops and support independent vegan artisan makers! Etsy – the online market place Etsy is an online ecommerce market place where designer/makers can easily set-up an online shop to sell their wares. Etsy is known for its handmade goods and fun items. The ease of …

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Vegan Paint

Vegan Paint Guide

home » posts » guides A guide to choosing and using vegan friendly paint for your home This guide to vegan-friendly paint is part of our “Vegan Home” series which aims to help you create a vegan-friendly home consistent with your vegan ethics. Jump to: Lick | Lakeland Paints | Wilko own-brand | Little Greene …

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The Vegan Home

Vegan Friendly Homes

home » posts » guides How to make your home animal friendly Jump to: Vegan Paint | Vegan Carpet| Vegan Mattresses | Vegan Bedding | Vegan Glue | Vegan Cleaning A lot of us have been spending more time at home recently, and this has given some of us more time to think about improving …

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Vegan Gardening Guide

Vegan Gardening Guide

home » posts » guides Introduction On the face of it, gardening appears to be a gentle, benign pastime close to nature. But take a walk around any garden centre and you will see a large number of products made with slaughterhouse by-products, products for killing various creatures, or products that are damaging to the …

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Why honey isn’t vegan

Honey Hurts

home » posts » guides First posted April 28, 2018 by robzvegan – reproduced here with permission. Many people think of honey as a benign product, peacefully collected by bee keepers. This (false) image, as well as the public concern over bee populations, has prompted even some vegans to consider buying honey. This article explores the ethical …

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Help Going Vegan

Help Going Vegan

List of resources to help and support you going vegan: The Vegan Society: 30 day vegan pledge Veganuary: Vegan Starter Kit PETA: Vegan Starter Kit Animal Aid: Vegan Summer Pledge Viva!: 30 Day Vegan Pledge 5 Steps to Vegan

How to Help the Bees

First posted April 28, 2018 by robzvegan – reproduced here with permission. It seems that almost every day we see reports in the news about how bees are in decline, and that something needs to be done to help bees. Public concern over the issue is at a high level. Even vegans are advocating creating honeybee hives, …

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Vegan Shoes Guide

Vegan Shoes

home » posts » guides Vegan Shoes: our guide to finding vegan shoes in the UK (or shipping to UK). We also list vegan shoes in our directory: Vegan Shoes Vegan Shoes Guide – Sections: Jump to: Shoe Shops | Online ShoppingSpecialist Shoes: Hiking Boots | Climbing Shoes | Steel Toe Capped/Safety Boots/Chainsaw Boots | …

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