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This is our feature guide to vegan grocery shops in the UK.

This guide lists “bricks and mortar” shops, i.e. physical shops that you can visit, and some also sell online. For other online vegan shops see our general listing for vegan grocery shops.

There are a surprising number of vegan grocery shops in the UK, which is great to see, ranging from what could be described as “vegan supermarkets”, vegan mini-markets, to vegan market stalls selling provisions.

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Hetu zero waste vegan store


Hetu is a zero-waste vegan shop selling unrefined vegan foods (such as grains, nuts, herbs, and spices) from bulk bins (made from glass and metal, instead of plastic), a wooden grinder to make fresh nut butters, a selection of second-hand plants repotted in recycled jars and cans, and palm oil-free deodorants and soaps. No bags are provided so bring your own! Opened 3rd Nov 2017.

201 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1TH, UK
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Phone: 07391 700816